Our Day Tours

Our design day tours are an ideal way to step into the world of design and allow you to experience all different parts of the island. We currently have 6 tours to offer. Get ready to visit outstanding villas, meet and hear the stories of craftsmen in their workshops, meet artisans in their galleries, and enjoy a day with like-minded creatives. Our day tours are open to all with a passion for design.

Please check our Instagram for a current schedule of our day tours. Our day tours are usually sold out as we take up to 10 people max and they repeat every 3 months. Contact us for our current schedule and to book your spot!

Our Tours

All our tours include a private driver & lunch at one of our highlights. Please let us know which day tour you want to join and we will inform you about all tour dates. The tour will keep you busy exploring the entire day, 9 AM – 5 PM.

We are excited to share our Bali treasures with you!

Pricing IDR 2.5 million