Venture afar and join a group of female
creatives for an inspiring journey.

The Concept

Imagine a luxurious week or weekend of waking-up in glorious villas surrounded by tropical nature, with a unique range of curated activities awaiting you, from morning yoga to daily massages, beach & jungle walks with a group of international women.

Join us for a creative overload of gallery visits, shopping tours, talks with award winning architects and excursions to local artisans studios and striking villas with a group of like-minded lovers of design.

Our Retreats

We will introduce you to the Balinese culture we love …through temple visits, water blessings, and rice paddy walks through local villages. While also exposing you to Bali’s international world of chic villas, fabulous restaurants, stylish beach resorts, and architectural marvels. We promise to create an unparalleled adventure for your senses.

Henne and Anna the founder

About Us

We met feeding the street dogs of Bali and realized we had a mutual love for animals. Our friendship quickly grew as we shared our passion for interior design. An American and a Brit. We loved sharing our wealth of design knowledge that we had gathered over many years of living in Bali. And so our interior design retreats were born. Our own version of a retreat to inspire and recharge. To take fellow design lovers behind the scenes of the creative world that this Island of the Gods has to offer.

We promise to create an unparalleled adventure for your senses.

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