“I had the district pleasure of joining Anna and Henne on a preview of their interior design retreat, and all I can say is: WOW. They really know their stuff. Anna and Henne are expert resources on all Bali has to offer from an interior design point of view, from to-the-trade only retailers to off-the-beaten path artisans and craftsmen. They have sublime taste, and a discerning eye for quality. Beyond their design expertise, they are a joy to spend time with, and it was great fun to spend a few days with them. I emerged from the retreat with a tremendous affection for Bali, a huge crate of furniture and accessories – some of which included bespoke items – and a deep affection for Anna and Henne who I am now honored to call friends. I cannot advocate for the Design Retreats enough. It is one of the most special experiences and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in furniture, design, handicrafts and culture.”

Aurora Kamenitz
Head of Consumer Communications
AirBnb Asia

“This interior design retreat was beyond my wildest expectations! Henne and Anna are both delightful with their vibrant personalities. Having this retreat run by two interior designers, offered insight that would have been impossible to master without their decades of design experience and knowledge of the furniture industry.

I was able to meet so many incredible craftsmen, artists, designers & architects. The private villas we visited were truly out of this world. We were spoilt with daily massages in stunning accommodations while indulging in the some of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had . I made so many new friends from around the world. Don’t hesitate for a second to book this experience if you love interiors”.
Christel Laur, France

Christel Laur, France

“I loved every minute of this retreat. What can be better than being in a incredible setting while exploring Bali with two fabulous interior designers? Henne and Anna nailed it . Everything, from the food to the accommodations to the speakers was perfect.”

Zhanna Mikinberg, USA

“The interior design retreat was beyond my wildest expectations! I live in Bali and work in the design field, so I felt like I had a good grasp on the array of talented designers, artists and amazing venues here but I was completely blown away by what I experienced.

Anna and Henne are both delightful & have decades of interior design experience under their belt here in Bali & overseas. They were the perfect hosts, they curated an incredible trip balancing entertainment, education, relaxation with beautiful Balinese pamperings and incorporating the WOW-Factor at every point! We got to meet so many incredible craftsmen, artists, designers & architects. We got spoilt with stunning, unique accommodations & delicious food. It was also a wonderful insight into the beautiful Balinese culture. An added bonus, I got to meet some amazing & inspiring new friends from around the world. Honestly, I couldn’t have hoped for more!”

Cara Lloyd, Australia
Interior Designer

“The genuine soul behind both of these ladies and the artisans which they have carefully chosen to support and curate, speaks for themselves. Thoroughly enjoyable, warming and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty”

Jeanine Hsu, Hong Kong
Niin Jewellery